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Plus Token Case

Plus Token is another Ponzi scheme that accumulated billions of dollars by making monthly payments to customers who held cryptocurrency wallets. The scheme came crumbling down in 2019, when several Chinese nationals were arrested and the company’s digital assets were frozen - which were reportedly worth close to $4 billion. Yet the profits of the company would have exceeded this already exorbitant figure, lining the pockets of the scammers that ran it.

There were 27 scammers responsible for PlusToken, and all of them were arrested in the end, as well as 82 members. Upon their arrest, over $1.7 Billion invested in this scheme was recovered through Tracingia LLC and most of the arrests were made through its forensic intelligence. If you are a victim to fake invest scam, cryptocurrency scam of this nature and you have compelling proof against the broker, send a report to TRACINGIA LLC

Tracingia Core Values

At Tracingia our culture comes to life through these five core values:

  • Do the right thing
  • Put our clients first
  • Lead with exceptional ideas
  • Commit to diversity and inclusion
  • Recover and repatriate to the victim.