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Cyber Fraud Investigation


Our investigators are international experts at identifying the perpetrators behind investment scams, asset recovery scams, romance scams, and email scams. As global industry pioneers, we understand the ever-changing methods used by global scam syndicates and can identify the individuals involved. By carrying out sophisticated online scam investigations and providing comprehensive and professional reports, Tracingia LLC shines a light on offenders. Furthermore, we work closely with international partners, including lawyers and law enforcement agencies to recover assets and bring those responsible to justice.


While police departments have experience in scam investigations, their capability and resources are simply overwhelmed by the vast number of reports received. In turn, they are not able to provide victims with the service they deserve. As a private cyber fraud investigation company, Tracingia LLC offers immediate attention, unparalleled capabilities, and custom-built technology to identify scammers anywhere. Our analysts use website cyber forensics, cryptocurrency tracing and other techniques to discover who the perpetrators are. Once Tracingia LLC has identified them, we work in close collaboration with national and international partners to recover assets. Our extensive experience in working with various police departments means that we clearly understand their investigative evidence requirements and processes.


Alongside independent client reviews and a growing international reputation, our commitment to transparency creates trust in our scam investigations. Clients can independently verify Tracingia LLC accreditation, such as our private investigation master license. Additionally, our investigators and intelligence specialists come from both private and government backgrounds. Our cyber fraud investigations are overseen by the Founder and CEO, whose capability is unrivalled in the US online private investigation industry.

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Tracingia Core Values

At Tracingia our culture comes to life through these five core values:

  • Do the right thing
  • Put our clients first
  • Lead with exceptional ideas
  • Commit to diversity and inclusion
  • Recover and repatriate to the victim.

Cryptocurrency Fraud Investigation


Tracing Crypocurrency

Using world-leading software and custom-designed AI tools, our certified cryptocurrency fraud tracing experts can locate your assets and identify the offenders. Whether it’s Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin, Ether or other cryptocurrencies, we can help you recover your assets by tracing the transactions through the blockchain to identify the destination wallet. As industry leaders and innovators, we have successfully completed hundreds of investigations since expanding operations in 2020 to include cryptocurrency-tracing. Using the same software as some of the globe’s leading law enforcement agencies, our analysts’ experience and investigative skillset are world-class. Boasting a 97% success rate for Bitcoin traces, our work plays a vital role in helping victims get justice. We offer both standalone cryptocurrency tracing and comprehensive cyber fraud investigations that also include other services like website cyber forensics.


Locating Assets

The objective of cryptocurrency tracing is to locate your stolen assets and identify the offenders. While cryptocurrency transactions on the blockchain are anonymous, the points at which offenders “cash out” their crypto are not. Thus, the goal of cryptocurrency tracing is to identify the receiving wallet address and the exchange that hosts it. After gathering all relevant information from clients, our Cryptocurrency Tracing Certified Examiners (CTCE) determine which transactions to trace. Our cryptocurrency tracers utilize a highly sophisticated tracing software to track the victim’s funds through a maze of transactions across the blockchain. While tracing, they have to notice suspicious patterns, ignore decoys and look for links to criminal enterprises, dark markets, gambling sites and high-risk exchanges. It takes significant expertise, time and skills to successfully trace cryptocurrencies, but the good news is: it can be done. Once we locate your assets, the next step is to identify the offenders.


Identifying Offenders

Once our cryptocurrency tracers have identified the offender’s wallet address, the next step is to find out who owns the wallet. Some exchanges will cooperate with a direct request from us to release information about wallet holders suspected of fraud/theft. If cryptocurrency tracing identifies such an exchange, our analysts will make a request to the exchange on your behalf. In most cases, however, exchanges will require the police to request important records which identify the account holder. This means clients need to visit their local police station and ask them to email the exchange involved. Since this is a new form of crime, police responses vary by country, jurisdiction, police station and even individual officer. No matter where you are, we supply you with a detailed cryptocurrency trace report that identifies the destination wallet. If applicable, we can also provide graphics and visualisations that illustrate the flow of funds. Finally, we even provide a draft request letter to make the process as easy as possible for police.


Recovering Your Assets

Once the police have received information identifying the account holder based on our cryptocurrency tracing, we can help you recover your assets. Our experienced investigators may conduct background checks on the offender, so that you know who you are dealing with. Furthermore, we are able to coordinate the asset recovery process on your behalf or refer you to our specialist partners. However, it’s important to stress that, contrary to the claims of recovery scammers, asset recovery is not a quick fix. Having said that, we have successfully supported many clients through our in-house expertise and via international partners. As recognised global leaders in the field, we offer the best chance to get your money back.

Cryptocurrency Expert Opinion Services

Tracingia LLC are global experts in cryptocurrency crime. We are recognised as experts in providing critical opinion on issues regarding cryptocurrencies and have previously provided expert testimony. Our expert opinion services include comprehensive court admissible expert reports. Please contact us to discuss your case using the contact form, Click here.

Website Forensics Investigation


Website Cyber Forensics

As leading experts in website cyber forensics, our experienced investigators can identify and document who is behind a website. While criminals think they can steal your money or information with impunity, we can locate and identify them for you. Most commonly, criminals operate scam websites which aim to steal money from unsuspecting victims, or phishing websites which are after sensitive personal information. In either case, perpetrators use these for nefarious purposes, putting at risk your identity, finances and livelihood. However, our website cyber forensic investigators have the technological capabilities and expertise to identify the owners of such websites. In addition, we can also help find those responsible for defaming you online or breaching your intellectual property rights.


Our Track Record

As global industry leaders, we have successfully completed hundreds of forensic website investigations for a variety of clients since 2015. Crucially, we have identified the masterminds behind multiple globe-spanning scam networks. Our experienced investigators have pioneered website cyber forensics specifically to identify the individuals/criminal syndicates operating websites used for cybercrime operations. This means we painstakingly pull the website apart to determine who is responsible and produce a detailed, comprehensive report. Conducting very technical and complex investigations, we have an exceptionally high capability with our website cyber forensics. Due to the internet and criminal techniques continually changing, our team ensure they constantly stay abreast of any changes and in many ways pioneer the art of website cyber forensics. No other private investigations company offers our level of website cyber forensics experience, expertise and results. We will leave no stone unturned to find the culprits behind a scam website.


Our Methodology

Website cyber forensic investigations completely deconstruct the scam website with the aim of identifying the offenders responsible for its operation. Our website cyber forensic investigators are highly skilled at identifying, isolating and untangling webs of complex data associated with domains, websites and hosting accounts. Our team then link the digital leads with people, corporate entities, business partners and addresses. Due to the nature of the internet, our team can investigate websites hosted anywhere in the world and for clients from all countries. Whilst the offending website is the core focus of our investigation, our investigators deliver a broad probe that also expands into corporate database and open-source searches, document analysis, investigative database searches and social media analysis, where applicable. This recent article gives a more in-depth look at our process, which targets cyber fraud and scams, copyright violations and defamation.