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“TRACINGIA LLC is authorized by global regulatory organizations to protect the world’s investors by making sure the broker-dealer industry operates fairly and honestly.”


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TRACINGIA LLC is authorized by global regulatory organizations to protect the world’s investors by making sure the broker-dealer industry operates fairly and honestly. We oversee more than 1,624,000 brokers across globe—and analyze billions of daily market events. We undertake these efforts to protect the investing public against fraud and bad practices. Consider the case of the 57-year-old blind widow, who was victimized just a few weeks after her husband passed away. She had completely relied on her broker to manage her accounts, given her own severely debilitated condition---but her broker took advantage of her. The broker placed more than 700 trades in more than 200 different securities, causing the blind widow to lose about $4,184,000. The case of this sort is why we exist. Equity cannot suffer a wrong without a remedy. Note that she reported promptly since she was already aware of the fact that Delay defeats Equity. TRACINGIA LLC stepped in to make things right. We charged the broker with securities fraud for churning the widow’s account and for excessive and unsuitable trading in her account. We were glad to make a difference in this woman’s life. This was achieved through forensic and cyber engineering. No matter where the criminal has hidden the money, TRACINGIA shall uncover it!

Between 2020 and 2021, the United States of America announced an update on criminal and civil enforcement efforts to combat COVID-19 related fraud, including schemes targeting the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program and Unemployment Insurance (UI) programs. As of today, the Tracingia LLC has publicly traced 474 cyber criminals based on fraud schemes connected to the COVID-19 pandemic. These cases involve attempts to obtain over $569 million from the U.S. government and unsuspecting individuals through fraud and have been brought in 56 federal districts around the country. These cases reflect a degree of reach, coordination, and expertise that is critical for enforcement efforts against COVID-19 related fraud to have a meaningful impact and is also emblematic of the Tracingia LLC response to criminal wrongdoing. As of the date of writing this, 75% of these funds have been repatriated to the appropriate states.

Elodie was celebrating her birthday when she realized she had been scammed. The 52-year-old Londoner was enjoying high tea with her daughter, who works at a hedge fund, when talk turned to a vexing financial problem. Elodie, not her real name, had started trading cryptocurrencies in March 2021, under the guidance of friends she had met online. At one point, she had been up $1.4mn. But a bad trade later that year had obliterated most of her gains. Still, she had about $300,000 in one of her crypto trading accounts, close to the total amount she had invested. Put off by the losses, Elodie was ready to quit. To liquidate her remaining tokens and cash in, Elodie was told she needed to pay some tax. But when she tried to wire the money to the trading platform, it bounced back. Elodie’s daughter had heard enough to be alarmed. And, with a sinking feeling, Elodie realised her newfound friendships and foray into crypto had been an elaborate scam. This moment of clarity was the start of a grueling fight for justice. Elodie is one of thousands of victims swept up in a tidal wave of fraud that accompanied the crypto boom during the Covid-19 pandemic as more people became interested in investing in cryptocurrency.

Scammers stole $6.2bn from victims worldwide in 2021, according to the Forensic Analysis Department of Tracingia LLC, an annual increase of about 80 per cent. Losses from crypto-related scams reported to Tracingia LLC, a global reporting center for fraud, investment fraud more than doubled to $12.9bn this year compared with 2021. And, by the end of August, losses are 25 per cent higher than the same period last year. Sometimes, the information we receive from complaints, audits and compliance activities, or from other sources, leads to investigations. These investigations may indicate that people or entities have violated the requirements set out consumer services legislation. If these people or entities reside anywhere within the globe, we use our forensic tools to trace and hold them accountable, by collaborating with law enforcements.

We may also try to limit the scope of activity a registered broker can engage in by imposing limitations or terms and conditions on a licence through regulatory bodies. . In other cases, we have the authority to freeze accounts or order that certain behavior stop. We also issue public alerts from time to time when we have evidence that someone has violated regulatory provisions in other jurisdictions or we have clear evidence of fraud. If you think you have been hearing more about cryptocurrency these days, you are probably right. In the U.S. alone, an estimated 13% of Americans bought or traded cryptocurrency during a one-year period through late June 2021. Additionally, in 2021, Morgan Stanley became one of the first major investment banks in the country to offer qualified investors access to cryptocurrency funds. But as the world gradually adopts cryptocurrency, cybercriminals have been busy devising schemes leveraging its popularity to commit fraud. Fortunately, being aware of these dangers can help you avoid becoming a victim. If you are a victim to this crime, file to recover your money with proof to Tracingia LLC.

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From the start, the entire team that worked on my case were extremely professional, set to get justice for my case.

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I'm very satisfied with the team at Tracingia LLC. They are so much professional and outstanding. I’m especially grateful for my handling attorney. They gave so much care to my case for that i am so grateful to them

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