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PinCoin Case

Pincoin is an example of a high-profile exit scam, in which the ICO of the company took the money of investors with no intention of ever returning it. Unfortunately, as many as 32,000 investors were affected by this scam, leading to reportedly $660 million lost dollars. Offering a whopping 48% in monthly returns to its customers, it’s easy to see why so many were willing to sign up with the platform. It’s also an example of the too good to be true philosophy, proving that if a company offers you an incredibly lucrative return then the chances are something isn’t quite right.

The cryptocurrency Pincoin first arrived on the scene in 2018, and with a white paper and a solid-looking business plan who would have suspected anything was awry? Of course, the offer of 48% monthly returns will have been a red flag for many potential investors, but for some it proved too tempting an offer to pass up. PIN foundation was behind Pincoin, and the company was also behind our next cryptocurrency scam example: iFan. In this case, only 103 investors were able to recover their money through Tracingia as others could not present sufficient evidence to adduce their claim.

Tracingia Core Values

At Tracingia our culture comes to life through these five core values:

  • Do the right thing
  • Put our clients first
  • Lead with exceptional ideas
  • Commit to diversity and inclusion
  • Recover and repatriate to the victim.